NFL Big Data Bowl 2024 - Supplementary Material

This is an Appendix of demoes for the NFL 2024 Big Data Bowl entry TAPER: An Intuitive Metric for Measuring Yards Prevented by Tackles. Please reach out for specific requests.

Note that the demos are set to autoplay by default, which may lead to some lagging on the first playthrough.

Top 10 successful tackles, TAPER (defensive performance)

TAPER measures the difference in expected yards after first contact between a hypothetical successful tackle and a hypothetical failed tackle.

DateInitial tackler(s) (team)Ball carrier (team)\(f(x_i, 1)\)(yds. if tackle succeeds)\(f(x_i, 0)\) (yds. if tackle fails)TAPER
10/30/2022J. Love (NYG)T. Homer (SEA)4.613.59.0
10/09/2022M. Davenport & K. Elliss (NO)R. Penny (SEA)
10/23/2022D. Jones (CLE)L. Jackson (BAL)
10/16/2022K. Wallace (PHI)E. Elliott (DAL)
10/23/2022M. Hughes (DET)A. Jones (GB)3.712.08.3
10/09/2022J. Dean (TB)M. Mariota (ATL)4.712.98.2
10/31/2022J. Bates (CIN)N. Chubb (CLE)
10/30/2022J. Jones (NE)M. Carter (NYJ)
10/30/2022A. Averett (LV)T. Hill (NO)4.612.67.9
10/09/2022T. Edwards (PHI)E. Benjamin (ARI)3.411.27.8

Top 10 offensive plays, CAPER (offensive performance)

CAPER measures how much an offensive player exceeds the TAPER prediction ($f(x_i, 1)$ if tackle successful; $f(x_i, 0)$ if tackle missed).

DateBall carrier (team)Initial tackler (team)\(f(x_i, 1)\)\(f(x_i, 0)\)Actual yds. after contactCAPER
10/02/2022T. Hockenson (DET)J. Jones (SEA)2.710.572.261.7
09/11/2022S. Barkley (NYG)A. Hooker (TEN)2.97.957.949.9
09/18/2022D. Samuel (SF)D. Taylor (SEA)
10/13/2022K. Herbert (CHI)E. Obada (WAS)4.213.862.248.4
09/15/2022C. Edwards-Helaire (KC)D. James (DET)2.46.850.744.0
09/11/2022D. Swift (PHI)J. Bradberry (DET)
10/16/2022C. McCaffrey (CAR)E. Jones (LA)2.26.748.742.1
09/18/2022C. McCaffrey (CAR)J. Ellis (NYG)1.84.845.540.7
10/02/2022J. Jacobs (LV)J. Griffith (DEN)1.74.443.338.9
09/25/2022J. Fields (CHI)J. Hughes (HOU)2.27.741.834.1